FaceTime with the Animals

Meet the Animals



Schedule an Online Time to Connect via FaceTime with the Goats, the Alpacas, the Mini-Donkeys, or the Ducks by the Pond.

Choose a Date and a Time and we’ll schedule you for an up close and personal visit with the animals via FaceTime. There’s so much stress in the world today and the animals invite us to find peace on the farm in the midst of the uncertainty. As your guide, together with the animals, we’ll remind you that there’s still love and grace in the world… and a reason to smile! Won’t you let a goat, an alpaca, a donkey or a duck bring a smile to your face today?

FaceTime Connections are Weather Permitting. One Connection per person (we need to share the Love). One Connection per time slot. This is a Love Offering ❤️

The Animals are waiting….. Enjoy!