Donkeys are magnanimous beings who serve as trusted and faithful companions. Their energy reflects acceptance and love. Donkeys are excellent at reading people and teach others to listen to their own intuition rather than follow others. Often referred to as ‘beasts of burden’ donkeys see their primary mission as being of service to others. When we connect to donkeys and their big open hearts, we find support and assistance for our own trials and burdens. Donkeys are wonderful guides and heart healers. Discover the deep connection to creation and open-heartedness of donkeys through:


The experience of walking with an alpaca is a deeply spiritual practice that invites participants to reconnect with their soul essence and discover the mystery and wisdom of the alpaca. Taking alpacas for a walk reveals so much more about who you are when you are with our beloved furry companions than what you are doing. We offer walks of varying lengths and destinations considering your preferences, our time frame, the weather and the fitness of the participants. We also provide package options that can help customize your experience.


Being with alpacas is a joy-filled and sacred experience, and we love to share these magical moments of connection with others! Join us for a scheduled visit on the farm where you’re invited to meet the donkeys and feel the love firsthand.

Meet the donkeys every Sunday at 3:00 P.M. Schedule a 30-minute timeslot to learn about our beautiful donkeys, take photos, and ask questions.

DONKEYS in Community

As the newest arrivals on the farm, the donkeys haven’t had the opportunity to join in on community events…. yet. We are looking forward to bringing our donkeys to outings, to support causes we believe in, and to share their love around the island. We’ll even do weddings. If you have an event that you’d like us to attend, please contact us. We’d love to participate. 

One on One

COMING SOON. We’ll be adding a photo of each of our alpaca companions so you can get to know them on a first name basis!